Volunteer Missionary Movement

Conforti Institute and VMM:
Working Together in a Divided World

Conforti Institute works in partnership with VMM and acts as Scottish contact for potential volunteers.

The Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM) began working in 1969 in Uganda. Since then VMM has worked in nearly 40 countries, with the principle: that authentic human development must foster the development of each person and of the whole person. Today VMM remains faithful to that challenges of putting those values into action.

This short video presented by Vincent Kenny, CEO of VMM International, provides an insight into how the organisation works and how you can get involved.

  • Who We Work With

    Since VMM grew out of the challenge for lay participation in the development work of the Church, it tended to work mainly with missionary congregations who are often at the fore front of working with the poor and the marginalised. This quickly broadened out to include working with people of all faiths and none, including civil society and local community organisations.

  • A Radical Voice

    VMM’s radical voice  has always worked for the marginalised and the poor and its service has  generally been focused upon the economically disadvantaged regions of  the world, in particular Africa. Today, the VMM is an international lay Christian movement whose members “share their lives, faith,  resources and skills to  promote equality, respect and dignity for all”.

  • VMM Placements

    VMM has sent over 2000 volunteers on placement in communities throughout the developing world.  Placements typically last 2 years during which you will share your skills with the local community so that your impact can continue long after your return.

  • Have Something To Offer?

    Do you have something to offer in health, education or community development? There are vacancies in a variety of skills. For an informal discussion, call 01236 707907 or e-mail vmm@confortiinstitute.org.

Anti-Sectarian Project

Project Overview

The Scottish Government wants to better understand and respond to sectarianism and invited a number of organisations, including the Conforti Institute, to develop a programme on this. Our project is about listening to the voice of the Catholic community. The aims of our project are to:

  • Listen to the voices of the Catholic community in parishes and Diocese;
  • Support parish and diocesan groups to come up with actions to tackle sectarianism where it is identified as an issue;
  • Contribute to broader thinking on sectarianism and how the Scottish Government should respond to it.

So far we have carried out 44 listening exercises in 6 (Arch)diocese in Scotland: St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunkeld, Motherwell, Paisley and Galloway. We are now moving into the second phase of our work which is about supporting actions to tackle sectarianism in communities.


If you have experience of working with groups and would like to get involved in supporting communities to take action on sectarianism please contact:

Dr Geraldine Hill, Lead Programme Officer, Anti-Sectarianism Project

Conforti Institute, Calder Avenue, Coatbridge ML5 4JS

01236 607120/707900


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