Courses Available

We have a number of courses available which are outlined below. These can take place in your own school, at a time that suits you. If you are interested holding a course or would like more information please contact Pamela on or 01236 607120.

An Introduction to Child Rights Launch Pad.

We are delighted to announce that we are holding a course introducing ‘Launchpad’, a free online resource for schools. This  exciting new resource has been produced by UNICEF in conjunction with the Scottish Government and provides high quality online materials which support:

  • Primary and Secondary pupils of all stages, including pupils with additional support need
  • Whole school, year group, class, small group or individual pupil learning
  • Schools who are starting out on their Rights-based learning journey
  • Schools who already embedded Rights as part of their curriculum and are looking to enhance their current practice.

Learning for Sustainability

This course looks at practical activities that can be used within the classroom/whole school on the following themes:

      • The vocabulary and themes of Learning for Sustainability
      • Raising awareness of global issues
      • Promoting responsible global citizens through pupil empowerment
      • Probable v possible futures

Who is it for?

All probationary, primary, secondary and additional support needs staff

“Loved video clips and practical applications of how these and other activities can be used in class”

“I came in with little knowledge of what it was all about and left with a confidence on how to approach and deliver this and other relevant topics”

“Excellent, some of the best CPD I have attended”

Excellent resources to use in class. Very well explained. Great detail in all elements.”

“Lots of really good, usable resources that we can take back to school, with knowledge that there is more advice and support if needed”